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NewRAW Rolling Papers 4 Piece Diamond Cut Shredder Grinder Aircraft Aluminum
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Paper Shredders Cannot Be Ignored Anymore!

With millions of people around the world becoming victims of identity theft with each passing year, it is highly important that each one of us uses devices for our self-protection. People are aware of this, and are investing in highly sophisticated software in order to protect their identities. But did you know that the major portion of identity thieving still goes on through offline methods?

Dumpster diving is one of the most traditionally used methods of getting into your identity and abusing it. This happens when identity thieves scan into people's garbage boxes for carelessly discarded mail, and then start using these for their own means. They could get a credit card bill, which could expose the person's credit card number.

This can be easily used for online transactions or for securing credit against it. Even your household bills thrown in the mail could lay bare sensitive information. Just a name, address and a phone number is enough for people to steal your identity, because credit card companies do take phone numbers as proof of identity.

The seemingly innocuous credit card offer letters could put you in a grave peril if they fall into the wrong hands too. Such offers for credit cards, if discarded carelessly, can be used by dumpster divers to apply for the credit card in your name. Just think about this - they will use the credit card, and the bill will arrive at your doorstep and you will have to foot it.

That is the precise reason why you should be careful about your mail. The authorities still maintain that the worldwide cases of identity theft could be cut down to half if people were more careful about their physical mail.

One of the most important things to do here is to dispose of your mail when it is no longer required. Either you file them and put them in a locker or somewhere, or simply dispose of them. But you have to be careful when you are disposing. The best way is to invest in a paper shredder...


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